After discovering fire and inventing the wheel, man thought to himself,
why not put the two together?! The rest is histor… rotisserie

About Rotisserie

For meat lovers and people who love entertaining, rotisserie is one of the juiciest solutions to perfectly prepare grilled meat. Rotisserie is much more than just evenly slow cooked meat. There’s a reason this technique (known since the Middle Ages) recently turned into one of the biggest trends, in restaurants and at home.

Rotisserie by GRILLOS

If you’re going to rotisserie, make it GRILLOS, because The ratio between time spent to the quality of the results will surprise you as well. A new and creative technique to add to your meat cooking skills.

Join the Revolution

Food and fire have always brought people together. Call us naive, but we
have to admit that this is one of the reasons that inspired us to develop GRILLOS..


For Use


Make sure the flame (charcoal or gas) is not too strong. The appropriate temperature for rotisserie should be lower than that used for standard grilling We advise placing a pan with some water underneath the device so that dripping liquids will not set the charcoals on fire (if the pan is placed directly above a source of heat you can use beer or wine for added flavoring)